ice giants

Both Uranus and Neptune Have Really Bizarre Magnetic Fields

The magnetic fields of Uranus and Neptune are really, seriously messed up. And we don't know why. (more…)

1 year ago

NASA Thinks it’s Time to Return to Neptune With its Trident Mission

Is it time to head back to Neptune and its moon Triton? It might be. After all, we have some…

2 years ago

New Insights Into What Might Have Smashed Uranus Over Onto its Side

A new study by a team of NASA-supported researchers has shown how a giant impact could explain all of Uranus'…

4 years ago

Hallelujah, It’s Raining Diamonds! Just like the Insides of Uranus and Neptune.

A new experiment conducted by an international team of scientists has recreated the "diamond rains" thought to exist inside Uranus…

5 years ago

The Orbit of Uranus. How Long is a Year on Uranus?

A year on Uranus lasts almost as long as a century on Earth. And because of its extreme tilt, its…

5 years ago

Uranus & Neptune May Keep “Hitler’s Acid” Stable Under Massive Pressure

A new study by a team of Russian researchers has shown that in the interiors of ice giants like Uranus…

6 years ago

What are the Jovian Planets?

In the outer region of our Solar System lie four giant planets - also known as Jovians. And beyond our…

6 years ago

Solar System Guide

The Universe is a very big place, and we occupy a very small corner of it. Known as the Solar…

7 years ago

Uranus’s Moon Oberon

In 1610, Galileo's observed four satellites orbiting the distant gas giant of Jupiter. This discovery would ignite a revolution in…

7 years ago