Huygens Probe

Titan’s “Magic Islands” Could Be Floating Blobs of Organic Solids

When the Cassini spacecraft returned radar scans of the surface of Saturn’s moon Titan, the results were mindblowing. It revealed…

6 months ago

Will Titan finally answer, ‘Are we alone?’

We recently examined how and why Jupiter’s moon, Europa, could answer the longstanding question: Are we alone? While this small…

2 years ago

A Jarful of Titan Could Teach Us A Lot About Life There, and Here On Earth

Titan is a distant, exotic, and dangerous world. It's frigid temperatures and hydrocarbon chemistry is like nothing else in the…

5 years ago

Huygens Spots Methane Fog On Saturn’s Moon Titan

Researchers from York University explain how old data from the Huygen's probe has confirmed that methane fog exists on Titan's…

8 years ago

Saturn’s Moon Titan

Between its methane lakes, dense atmosphere, and subterranean ocean, Saturn's largest moon (Titan) is a wonder to behold!

9 years ago

What is Lunar Regolith?

When you're walking around on soft ground, do you notice how your feet leave impressions? Perhaps you've tracked some of…

9 years ago

Titan’s Atmosphere Still Baffles Us A Decade After Huygens Landing

It's almost exactly 10 years ago that humanity parachuted a spacecraft into Titan, that moon of Saturn that could hold…

10 years ago

Comet Landing: Side-By-Side Pics Of Alien Surfaces Humanity Explored

Correction, 11:33 a.m. EST: The University of Central Florida's Phil Metzger points out that the image composition leaves out Eros,…

10 years ago

What Happened During the Huygens Mission?

It was eight years ago on January 14, 2005 that the Huygens spacecraft descended through Titan’s murky atmosphere and touched…

12 years ago