Astronomers Continue to Analyze Pluto’s Atmosphere

When NASA's New Horizons spacecraft flew past Pluto, studying the atmosphere was a key scientific objective. Most of what we…

3 years ago

Clouds Seen On Pluto For First Time

New images from NASA's New Horizons probe show possible clouds drifting lazily over Pluto's chill landscape.

7 years ago

Eclipse By Fire! Smoky Haze Pervades Night Sky, Darkens Moon

Did you see the Moon last night? I walked outside at 10:30 p.m. and was stunned to see a dark,…

7 years ago

River of Fire Smoke Darkens Sun and Moon

My eyes are burning. The morning Sun, already 40° high, glares a lemony-orange. It's meteorologically clear, but the sky looks…

8 years ago

Titan Has a Fancy Collar

As high summer slowly but steadily approaches on Saturn, Cassini is opening a window to the seasonal changes that occur…

9 years ago

Cassini Discovers Titan’s Glowing Atmosphere

A pair of images from NASA's Cassini spacecraft show Titan glowing in the dark. Titan never ceases to amaze. Saturn's…

10 years ago

Pictures From T-86: Cassini’s Latest Flyby of Titan

On September 26-27 Cassini executed its latest flyby of Titan, T-86, coming within 594 miles (956 km) of the cloud-covered…

10 years ago

Surprising Swirls Above Titan’s South Pole

Thanks to Cassini's new vantage point granted by its inclined orbit researchers have gotten a new look at the south…

11 years ago

On the Edge of Titan

[/caption] Here's a quick look at one of my favorite cosmic photo subjects - the varying layers of atmosphere that…

11 years ago

A New Angle on Titan

Here's a great shot of Titan and Saturn acquired by Cassini on May 6, 2012 just after a pass by…

11 years ago