galactic collision

Polar Ring Galaxies Are Bizarre and Rare. Astronomers Just Found Two More

Many galaxies resemble the Milky Way, with billions of stars organized into a rotating, rotating spiral. There are other irregular…

10 months ago

Webb and Hubble Peer Into the Wreckage of a Galactic Collision

Earlier this month we asked, what could be better than a pair of galaxies observed by a pair of iconic…

2 years ago

A Dwarf Galaxy Passed Close to the Milky Way and Left Ripples in its Wake

An ancient collison with the Milky Way is still causing ripples in our galaxy according to Gaia data.

2 years ago

An Upcoming Impact With the Magellanic Clouds is Already Causing Star Formation in the Milky Way

A new study presented at the 235th meeting of the AAS this week shows how star formation is already happening…

5 years ago

The Milky Way is Still Rippling from a Galactic Collision Millions of Years Ago

Between 300 million and 900 million years ago, our Milky Way galaxy nearly collided with the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy. Data…

6 years ago

Messier 31 – Observing Andromeda (M31)

Located north of the celestial equator in the direction of the Andromeda Constellation lies the spectacular Andromeda Galaxy (aka. Messier…

8 years ago

Chandra Spots Two Cosmic Heavy-Hitters at Once

At the 229th Meeting of the AAS, an international of researchers shared images of two of the most powerful forces…

8 years ago

What Happens When Galaxies Collide?

In about 4 billion years, the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies will collide. Known as a galactic merger, this process…

8 years ago

The Early Universe Was All About Galactic Hook Ups

According to new research by an international team of scientists, early galaxies were characterized by mergers (aka. "hookups")

8 years ago

A Mega-Merger of Massive Galaxies Caught in the Act

Even though the spacecraft has exhausted its supply of liquid helium coolant necessary to observe the infrared energy of the…

11 years ago