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Gaia mission

What Did the Early Milky Way Look Like?

In the very early days of our Universe, just over 13 billion years ago, there was very little structure. There…

5 months ago

Narrowing Down the Mass of the Milky Way

Using information from Gaia's second data release, a team of scientists have made refined measurements of the mass of the…

1 year ago

The Brightest Star in the Sky, Sirius, was Hiding a Cluster of Stars. Found by Gaia

Thanks to the efforts of an amateur astronomer, the star cluster that was recently revealed by Gaia mission is now…

2 years ago

The Gaia Mission Could Moonlight as a Gravitational Wave Detector

A team of astronomers from the University of Cambridge recently showed how the Gaia mission could also help in the…

2 years ago

Gaia Looks Beyond our Galaxy to Other Islands of Stars

The latest scientific finds made from the first release of Gaia data include illuminating images of the Milky Way galaxy's…

2 years ago