Frank Drake

Legendary Astronomer Frank Drake has Passed Away

Legendary astronomer Frank Drake has passed away at the age of 92. Known primarily for his Drake Equation -- an…

5 months ago

If Aliens Were Sending us Signals, This is What They Might Look Like

An international team of scientists have created a new tool for identifying possible radio transmissions from an extraterrestrial civilization

10 months ago

What is the Arecibo Message?

In 1974, the famous Arecibo Message was sent into space, humanity's first and only attempt at messaging extraterrestrial intelligence.

1 year ago

60 Years Later, is it Time to Update the Drake Equation?

On the 60th anniversary of the famous Drake Equation, a new study considers whether or not it is still of…

2 years ago

What is the Drake Equation?

In 1961, astronomer Frank Drake proposed his now-famous equation for calculating the likelihood of extra-terrestrial intelligence in the Universe.

6 years ago

Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy Leaves a Lasting Legacy

Leonard Nimoy played a half-alien-half-human character -- Spock -- who seemingly was going to live forever. He survived having his…

8 years ago

Inside the Drake Equation: A Chat with Frank Drake

This interview with Frank Drake -- sometimes called the Father of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence – was recorded in…

9 years ago