Frank Drake

Penn State SETI Symposium Opens with Commemoration of Dr. Frank Drake

This year's Penn State SETI Summit kicked off with a a lecture on how history will remember SETI pioneer Frank…

4 months ago

How Many Intergalactic Radio Stations Are Out There?

A new study suggests that we could expand the scope of SETI research by looking for civilizations beyond our galaxy.

8 months ago

Legendary Astronomer Frank Drake has Passed Away

Legendary astronomer Frank Drake has passed away at the age of 92. Known primarily for his Drake Equation -- an…

1 year ago

If Aliens Were Sending us Signals, This is What They Might Look Like

An international team of scientists have created a new tool for identifying possible radio transmissions from an extraterrestrial civilization

2 years ago

What is the Arecibo Message?

In 1974, the famous Arecibo Message was sent into space, humanity's first and only attempt at messaging extraterrestrial intelligence.

2 years ago

60 Years Later, is it Time to Update the Drake Equation?

On the 60th anniversary of the famous Drake Equation, a new study considers whether or not it is still of…

3 years ago

What is the Drake Equation?

In 1961, astronomer Frank Drake proposed his now-famous equation for calculating the likelihood of extra-terrestrial intelligence in the Universe.

6 years ago

Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy Leaves a Lasting Legacy

Leonard Nimoy played a half-alien-half-human character -- Spock -- who seemingly was going to live forever. He survived having his…

9 years ago

Inside the Drake Equation: A Chat with Frank Drake

This interview with Frank Drake -- sometimes called the Father of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence – was recorded in…

10 years ago