Does Climate Change Explain Why We Don’t See Any Aliens Out There?

Addressing the Fermi Paradox, a team of researchers recently conducted a study predicts whether or not Climate Change may be…

3 years ago

Long After Humanity is Gone and the Sun Dies, the Water Bears Will be There

A new study from the University of Oxford has shown that long after humanity is gone, the tardigrade (aka. the…

4 years ago

New Estimate Puts the Supernova Killzone Within 50 Light-Years of Earth

A new paper on supernovae and the effects on Earth increases the so-called "Supernova Kill-Zone" to 50 light years.

4 years ago

Mammals Were Already Flourishing When The Axe Fell On The Dinosaurs

Mammals were well on their way to dominance long before an asteroid strike was the death-blow for dinosaurs.

5 years ago

Dinosaur Killer Chicxulub Crater To Be Drilled For First Time

Scientists will drill down into the site of the dinosaur-killing asteroid impact site to understand how life on Earth recovered.

5 years ago

Extinction Alert: Stephen Hawking Says Our Technology Might Wipe Us Out

If you're thinking of having yourself cryogenically suspended and awakened in some future paradise, you might want to set your…

5 years ago

Gamma Ray Bursts Limit The Habitability of Certain Galaxies, Says Study

Gamma ray bursts (GRBs) are some of the brightest, most dramatic events in the Universe. These cosmic tempests are characterized…

6 years ago

New Analysis Sets a Space & Time Zone for Complex Life

If too close to an environment harboring complex life, a gamma ray burst could spell doom for that life. But…

6 years ago

How Does Life Recover from Mass Extinctions?

Every few dozen million years there's a devastating event on Earth that kills nearly all the living creatures on our…

7 years ago

When Everything On Earth Died

[/caption] Hey, remember that one time when 90% of all life on Earth got wiped out? I don't either. But…

9 years ago