earth’s rotation

A Day on Earth Used to Only Be 19 Hours

A new study has revealed that for 1 billions years, a day on Earth lasted for about 19 hours.

1 year ago

What are You Doing With Your Added Leap Second Today?

Everyone loves a long weekend, this weekend will be officially one second longer than usual. An extra second, or "leap"…

12 years ago

Angular Velocity of Earth

[/caption] The planet Earth has three motions: it rotates about its axis, which gives us day and night; it revolves…

13 years ago

Solar Day

[/caption] Since the dawn of time, human beings have relied on the cycles of the sun, the moon, and the…

14 years ago

What Is the Coriolis Effect

[/caption] The Coriolis effect is one of those terms that you hear used from time to time, but it never…

14 years ago

What is the Diameter of Earth?

For those people who have had the privilege of jet-setting or traveling the globe, its pretty obvious that the world…

16 years ago