Rise of the Super Telescopes: The European Extremely Large Telescope

Once the E-ELT is completed in 2014, it will be the largest optical/infrared observatory in the world.

6 years ago

Boom! Get Up Close To Yesterday’s Mountaintop Explosion For Astronomy

Talk about starting your astronomy work with a bang! Yesterday's controlled explosion on the top of Cerro Armazones marked the start…

8 years ago

Poof! Mountain Blows Its Top To Make Way For Huge Telescope

All's clear for a huge telescope to start construction on a mountaintop in Chile! That puff you see is the top…

8 years ago

Watch A Mountaintop Blow Up Live For Astronomy Tomorrow

While we space geeks are lucky enough to watch rocket launches regularly, it's not often we get to see a…

8 years ago

Gorgeous Telescope Timelapse Makes You Feel Like You’re Standing In Chile

As the chill of winter settles into the northern hemisphere, fantasies of down-south travel pervade a lot of people's dreams.…

9 years ago

Coming Soon: World’s Largest Optical Telescope

[/caption] The world’s largest optical/infrared telescope has been given the initial go-ahead to be built. Called the European Extremely Large…

10 years ago

Dramatic Moonset — Amazing Sight on Cerro Paranal

[/caption] Need a new desktop image? Usually the Very Large Telescope on Cerro Paranal in Chile provides us with stunning…

12 years ago