DAVINCI spacecraft

The Solar Wind is Stripping Oxygen and Carbon Away From Venus

The BepiColombo mission, a joint effort between JAXA and the ESA, was only the second (and most advanced) mission to…

6 days ago

Did Powerful Asteroid Impacts Make Venus So Different From Earth?

A new study connects impacts during Venus' early history to its smooth and "youthful" appearance today.

9 months ago

Potentially Active Volcanoes Have Been Found on Venus

Using archival radar images taken in the 1990s by NASA’s Magellan spacecraft, scientists have found evidence of recent active volcanism…

1 year ago

Venus is Like an Exoplanet that’s Right Next Door

We're lucky to have a neighbour like Venus, even though it's totally inhospitable, wildly different from the other rocky planets,…

1 year ago

Venus’ Outer Shell is Thinner and “Squishier” Than Previously Believed

While Earth and Venus are approximately the same size and both lose heat at about the same rate, the internal…

1 year ago

Physicist encourages continuing the search for life in Venus’ atmosphere

In a recent paper accepted to Contemporary Physics, a physicist from Imperial College London uses past missions and recent findings…

1 year ago

Volcanoes are the worst. They’ve caused extinctions on Earth, and probably killed Venus

Is there anything good about volcanoes? They can be violent, dangerous, and unpredictable. For modern humans, volcanoes are mostly an…

1 year ago

High Altitude Life Can’t Explain the Trace Gases in Venus’ Atmosphere

The planet Venus is one of the most inexplainable and mysterious planetary objects in our solar system as its surface…

2 years ago

ESA is Joining NASA With Their own Mission to Venus

It’s an exciting time to be a Venus watcher.  Our sister planet, which has been the target of only one…

3 years ago

NASA Orders Up a Double Shot of Venus Missions Amid Questions About Life

NASA's planetary science program is making a big bet on Venus, after decades of putting its chips on Mars in…

3 years ago