cosmological models

“Seeing” the Dark Matter Web That Surrounds the Coma Cluster

According to our predominant cosmological models, Dark Matter makes up the majority of mass in the Universe (roughly 85%). While…

5 months ago

Have We Seen the First Glimpse of Supermassive Dark Stars?

A recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) examines what are known as dark…

12 months ago

If Axions are Dark Matter, we've got new Hints About Where to Look for Them

A computer simulation of dark matter points to axions being more massive than expected.

2 years ago

Cosmic Dawn Holds the Answers to Many of Astronomy’s Greatest Questions

A new study takes a look at what astronomers will be able to see when the Cosmic Dawn becomes observable…

3 years ago

CHIME Detected Over 500 Fast Radio Burst in its First Year, Providing new Clues to What’s Causing Them

The CHIME radio observatory detected over 500 Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) during its first year in operation, the study of…

3 years ago

A new Method Simulates the Universe 1000 Times Faster

Cosmologists love universe simulations.  Even models covering hundreds of millions of light years can be useful for understanding fundamental aspects…

3 years ago

Turns Out There Is No Actual Looking Up

A recent study by a team of researchers from University College London has shown that there really is no such…

8 years ago