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A Dwarf Galaxy That's Almost All Dark Matter

Thanks to new techniques, astronomers are mapping the Universe with more precision, finding galaxies with more and less dark matter.…

9 months ago

The Milky Way's Disk is Warped. Is That Because our Dark Matter Halo is Tilted?

Astronomers have measured the Milky Way's shape and found that the disk is warped and not a flat spiral like…

10 months ago

Do The Gaps in Protoplanetary Disks Really Indicate Newly Forming Planets?

Modern instruments like ALMA have revealed newly forming stars surrounded by accretion disks. These images are so sensitive you can…

10 months ago

The Closest Black Holes to Earth are Probably Hidden in This Nearby Star Cluster

The Hyades cluster is the closest open star cluster to Earth, located at a distance of about 150 light-years. Although…

10 months ago

A New Simulation Reveals One Entire Stage of a Star's Life

Stars begin as giant clouds of gas and dust that pull together through mutual gravity into a dense protostar. At…

11 months ago

New Simulation Reveals the Churning Interiors of Giant Stars

Stellar fusion happens at a star's core, where the enormous temperatures and pressures fuse hydrogen atoms into helium, releasing radiation.…

12 months ago

JWST Fails to Disprove the Big Bang

The James Webb Space Telescope has allowed astronomers to see deeper into cosmic history than ever before, but it doesn't…

1 year ago

A Supercomputer Climate Model is so Accurate it Predicted the Weather Patterns Seen in the Famous 1972 “Blue Marble” Image of Earth

The "Blue Marble" was one of the most iconic pictures of the Apollo era. Taken by the astronauts of Apollo…

2 years ago

A Fast-Moving Star is Colliding With Interstellar gas, Creating a Spectacular bow Shock

A star speeding through gas and dust has much to teach us about interstellar dynamics.

2 years ago

Researchers Simulate the Formation of the Oort Cloud

There is a cloud of debris surrounding our solar system. It's known as the Oort cloud, and it is the…

3 years ago