circumstellar debris disk

Astronomers See the Wreckage from a Collision Between Exoplanets

The history of our Solar System is punctuated with collisions. Collisions helped create the terrestrial planets and end the reign…

4 years ago

Simulated View of a Newly Forming Planetary System with Rings and Gaps

Using data from the ALMA array, a team of international astronomers was able to image a newly forming planetary system…

6 years ago

Hubble Sees a Huge Dust Cloud Around a Newly Forming Star

The Hubble has detected a massive dust cloud 150 billion miles across around the young star HR 4796A.

6 years ago

Debris Disks Around Stars Could Point the Way to Giant Exoplanets

A new study by an international team of scientists has found a connection between debris disks and giant planets, which…

6 years ago

Hubble Spots Possible Exocomets in Nearby Star System

The possible detection of comets in the nearby star system of HD 172555 could shed light on how comets behaved…

7 years ago

It’s Complicated: Hubble Survey Finds Unexpected Diversity in Dusty Discs Around Nearby Stars

Using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers have completed the largest and most sensitive visible-light imaging survey of the debris disks…

9 years ago