China National Space Agency

China's Mars Rover Finds Recent Evidence of Water Near the Equator

Before going into hibernation, China's Zhurong rover found evidence that water recently existed in small patches on Mars (and might…

1 year ago

China Hints at its Goals for a Lunar Base

At a recent national space conference, scientists with the Chinese Academy of Sciences shared the objectives for the planned International…

1 year ago

China has a new Human Lunar Space Program, With Plans for Landers, Orbiters, Rovers, and a Lunar Base

In a recent interview, an engineer associated with the Chinese space agency confirmed that China has established a Crewed Lunar…

2 years ago

China’s Rover Checks out that Weird Cube on the Moon. Surprise! It’s a Rock.

Back in early December 2021, China’s Yutu 2 rover made headlines when it spied what looked like a curious cube-shaped…

3 years ago

New Images of Mars From China’s Rover

China has released a new series of images that shows the progress their Zhurong rover has made on the Martian…

3 years ago

The First Chinese Crew is Busy on their New Space Station

In the past week, the first three Chinese astronauts to go the Tiangong space station prepared for all the operations…

3 years ago

There’s Now an Operational Radio Telescope on the Far Side of the Moon

The Chang'e-4 satellite (Queqiao) recently deployed the NCLE radio observatory, a joint Netherlands-Chinese experiment that will probe the early Universe.

5 years ago