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Mysterious Bright Spots and Pyramidal Mountain Star in Dawn’s Daunting Flyover of Ceres: Video

https://youtu.be/Inc9BtRip04 Video caption: Take a tour of weird Ceres! Visit a 2-mile-deep crater and a 4-mile-tall mountain in the video…

6 years ago

Dawn Does Dramatic Fly Over of Ceres, Enters Lower Mapping Orbit: Video

https://youtu.be/uSaLVAl-ObY Video caption: This new video animation of Ceres was created from images taken by NASA's Dawn spacecraft at altitudes…

6 years ago

Seeking Ceres: Following the Brave New World Through 2015

A little world is making big headlines in 2015. NASA’s Dawn spacecraft entered orbit around 1 Ceres on March 6th,…

6 years ago