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Saturn is Losing its Rings, Fast. They Could be Gone Within 100 Million Years

According to new research based on data obtained by the Cassini probe, Saturn's rings could be gone within 100 million…

1 year ago

Titan First-Ever Detected Dust Storms Prove the Moon is More Earth-like than Ever

Based on Cassini data, an international team of scientists found evidence of dust storms on Titan, yet another thing it…

1 year ago

Cassini’s “Grande Finale” Earns an Emmy Nomination!

In recognition of their efforts to communicate the importance of the Cassini mission, NASA's JPL recently received an Emmy nomination…

2 years ago

There’s Sand on Titan, Where Does it Come From?

A new study led by researchers from John Hopkins University tackles the question of where Titan's mysterious sand dunes come…

2 years ago

Forecast for Titan: Cold, with a Chance of Noxious Ice Clouds

One of the many interesting finds made by the Cassini orbiter before it crashed into Saturn was evidence of a…

2 years ago