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Cassini Grand Finale

Saturn is Losing its Rings, Fast. They Could be Gone Within 100 Million Years

According to new research based on data obtained by the Cassini probe, Saturn's rings could be gone within 100 million…

12 months ago

Cassini’s “Grande Finale” Earns an Emmy Nomination!

In recognition of their efforts to communicate the importance of the Cassini mission, NASA's JPL recently received an Emmy nomination…

1 year ago

This was Exactly Where Cassini Crashed into Saturn

NASA has released a mosaic image that shows exactly where the Cassini probe would crash into Saturn's atmosphere, mere hours…

2 years ago

Cassini Conducts a Final Flyby of Titan Before Crashing into Saturn

Before it makes its final plunge into Saturn's atmosphere on Friday, the Cassini spacecraft made one last flyby of Titan,…

2 years ago