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The IPCC Releases its 2022 Report on Climate Change, in Case you Needed Something Else to Worry About

The IPCC just released its Working Group II report, which addresses the impacts of Climate Change and the necessary adaptations.

1 year ago

As Temperatures Increase, Forests are Having More Trouble Soaking up Carbon

A new study by an international team from over 100 universities and organizations has shown that tropical rainforests will not…

3 years ago

New Study Shows How Breaching “Carbon Threshold” Could Trigger Mass Extinction in Earth’s Oceans

A NASA and NSF-supported study by an MIT geophysicist indicates that carbon emissions could push the Earth's oceans past a…

4 years ago

What Causes Air Pollution?

Air pollution is a major issue facing us Earthlings, and knowing its causes (both natural and man-made) is a key…

7 years ago

Compromises Lead to Climate Change Deal

Earlier this month, delegates from the various states that make up the UN met in Lima, Peru, to agree on…

8 years ago