bright spots

Best NASA Images Yet Of Ceres’ Brightest Spot

New images from NASA's Dawn spacecraft reveal spectacular new details in Ceres' intriguing "bright spots".

8 years ago

Ceres Has Lots of Bright Spots

Those bright mystery spots aren't the only ones on Ceres. Recent photos posted on JPL's Photojournal site  feature a spectacular rayed crater…

9 years ago

Dawn Does Dramatic Fly Over of Ceres, Enters Lower Mapping Orbit: Video Video caption: This new video animation of Ceres was created from images taken by NASA's Dawn spacecraft at altitudes…

9 years ago

Ceres Bizarre Bright Spot Now Has a Companion

Aliens making dinner with a solar cooker? Laser beams aimed at hapless earthlings? Whatever can that - now those -…

9 years ago