Satellites Watched a Huge Fireball Explode Above the Bering Sea Late Last Year

NASA's Terra satellites recently spotted a fiery meteorite in Earth's atmosphere, which exploded above the Bering Sea.

2 years ago

Echoes of Chelyabinsk: Another Fireball Explodes Over Russia

Why does Russia seem to get so many bright meteors? Well at 6.6 million square miles it's by far the…

7 years ago

Remembering the Great Meteor Procession of 1860

“Year of meteors! Brooding year!”  -Walt Whitman July 20th is a red letter date in space history. Apollo 11, the…

7 years ago

Solo Sailor Spots Pacific Bolide

Solo around the world sailor Jessica Watson spotted a bright bolide over the pacific during the peak of last weeks…

11 years ago