Exploring Titan with Aerial Platforms

At NASA's Planetary Science Vision 2050 Workshop, presenters showed various concepts for exploring Saturn's moon Titan with aerial platforms.

5 years ago

Google Exec Hands Silicon Valley the Stratospheric Jump Record

Just a little over two years since Felix Baumgartner broke USAF Colonel Joseph Kittinger's stratospheric jump record, Alan Eustace from…

8 years ago

Balloon launcher Zero2Infinity Sets Its Sights to the Stars

Clearly, the sky is not the limit for balloon launcher Zero2Infinity. Based in Barcelona, Spain, the company announced this week…

8 years ago

Pingpong! How You Could Send Something Small High In The Atmosphere

Spring is a time of treasures in eggs -- think about the Easter weekend that just passed, for example, or…

8 years ago

Brazilian Band Soars to New Heights with a NASA-Inspired Video

Popular Brazilian rock band Fresno┬árecently released a new video for their new song, "Infinito", and it really rises above the…

10 years ago

Fly To Space For $320!

[/caption] Ok, at 100,000 feet it's not really "space" but for $320 USD JP Aerospace is offering a very affordable…

10 years ago