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Ring of Fire: Catching This Weekend’s ‘Great North American Annular Solar Eclipse’

Don’t miss the final solar eclipse of the year: a striking ‘ring of fire’ annular solar eclipse.

8 months ago

It's Time to Start Planning Your 2023/2024 Eclipse Adventures

Remember how exciting it was in 2017 when a total solar eclipse crossed the United States? We're in for two…

1 year ago

Solar Horns at Sunrise: Our Guide to the June 10th Annular Solar Eclipse

The only annular eclipse of 2021 will produce a fine annular eclipse across most of North America and Europe.

3 years ago

Catch a Solstice ‘Ring of Fire’ Annular Solar Eclipse Over Africa and Asia This Weekend

Ready for the first solar eclipse of the year? This weekend sees one of the top draw astronomical events for…

4 years ago

Our Guide to the December 26th Annular ‘Ring of Fire’ Eclipse

Ready for the final 'Ring of Fire' solar eclipse of 2019? The final eclipse of the year kicks off this…

4 years ago

Ring of Fire: Catch the Only Annular Solar Eclipse of 2017 This Sunday

'Tis the season... eclipse season, that is, as an annular solar eclipse marks the end of the first cycle of…

7 years ago

Ancient Annular: Dating Joshua’s Eclipse

Astronomy turns up in fascinating junctures in history. Besides just the romantic angle, we can actually pin down some contextual…

7 years ago

What is a Total Eclipse?

A total eclipses is an amazing sight, occurring whenever the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth (or the…

8 years ago

Our Guide to This Week’s ‘Ring of Fire’ Annular Eclipse

In Africa this week? The final solar eclipse of 2016 graces the continent this week. This eclipse is annular only,…

8 years ago

Amazing Images of Today’s Solar Eclipse from Earth and Space

The images are pouring in. While most of North America slept this AM, Australians were treated to the very first…

10 years ago