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Look Up and Watch Asteroid 1994 PC1 Fly Past Earth This Week

This week’s apparition of asteroid 1994 PC1 offers observers a chance to see a space rock moving in real time.

5 months ago

Watch Asteroid 3122 Florence Zip Past Earth This Weekend

Ready to hunt for low-flying space rocks? We've got an interesting pass of a Near Earth Asteroid this upcoming U.S.…

5 years ago

NEO Asteroid 2014 JO25 Set to Buzz Earth on April 19th

It's a shooting gallery out there. The spattered face of Earth's Moon and large impact sites such as Meteor Crater…

5 years ago

Bazinga: Mysterious Earth Orbiting Asteroid Turns Out to be Space Junk

Can’t find asteroid 2010 QW1 in the Minor Planet Database? No, the “Men in Black” didn’t secretly remove this Earth-orbiting…

9 years ago

Huge Asteroid 324 Bamberga Makes a Return Visit to Earth’s Neighborhood on Friday the 13th

This week offers a fine chance to catch sight of a unique asteroid. 324 Bamberga reaches opposition this week in…

9 years ago