2024 eclipse

The Solar Eclipse Like We’ve Never Seen it Before

You had to be in the right part of North America to get a great view of the recent solar…

2 months ago

Amazing Amateur Images of April 8th’s Total Solar Eclipse

The last total solar eclipse across the Mexico, the U.S. and Canada for a generation wows observers.

2 months ago

Here's the Total Solar Eclipse, Seen From Space

On Monday, April 8th, people across North America witnessed a rare celestial event known as a total solar eclipse. This…

2 months ago

Into Totality: Our Complete Guide to the April 8th Total Solar Eclipse Across North America

What to watch for on April 8th as totality sweeps across the continent.

4 months ago

How Rare Are Total Solar Eclipses… Really?

As April’s ‘Great North American Eclipse’ nears, here’s a look at eclipses in time and space.

5 months ago

Views of This Week’s Amazing Hybrid Solar Eclipse

Amazing views from Earth and space of this week’s rare hybrid annular total eclipse.

1 year ago

Our Guide to the Only Total Solar Eclipse of 2021

This weekend, the shadow of the Moon graces the Earth one last time for the year.

3 years ago

One. More. Month: Our Guide to the Total Solar Eclipse

Get ready for the August 21st total solar eclipse, with facts, maps and more!

7 years ago