2023 astronomy

Catch a Cycle of Lunar Occultations of Antares Starting This Week

Most North America gets to see the Moon blot out Antares Thursday night.

11 months ago

Why 2023 is a Great Year for the Perseid Meteors

Don’t miss one of the best meteor displays of 2023, as the Perseids peak this coming weekend.

11 months ago

A Fine Southern Apparition for Comet T4 Lemmon

The time to catch Comet T4 Lemmon is now, before it vanishes for another 36,000 years.

12 months ago

Views of This Week’s Amazing Hybrid Solar Eclipse

Amazing views from Earth and space of this week’s rare hybrid annular total eclipse.

1 year ago

Cosmic Conjunction: Jupiter Meets Venus on March 1st

The two brightest planets pass less than half a degree apart at dusk on the night of March 1st.

1 year ago

Check Out This Great View of Comet 96P Machholz, Courtesy of SOHO

Now’s the time to catch periodic Comet 96P Machholz on its encore dawn performance, before it slides out of view.

1 year ago

Comet E3 ZTF Brightens as the First Good Comet of 2023

The first good comet of the year, Comet E3 ZTF is a fine object for northern hemisphere observers in January.

2 years ago