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Vertical Integration Facility

Top Secret NRO SpySat Set for Brilliant Breakfast Blastoff July 28 – Watch Live

CAPE CANAVERAL AIR FORCE STATION, FL — The nation’s newest surveillance satellite is all set for a brilliant breakfast blastoff…

4 years ago

Spectacular Launch of Most Powerful Atlas Completes Constellation of Navy’s Advanced Tactical Comsats – Gallery

Today’s (June 24) spectacular launch of the most powerful version of the venerable Atlas V rocket from the sunshine state…

4 years ago

Fuel Control Valve Faulted for Atlas Launch Anomaly, Flights Resume Soon

A critical fuel control valve has been faulted for the Atlas V launch anomaly that forced a premature shutdown of…

4 years ago

Atlas V Launch of Navy’s Revolutionary MUOS-4 Tactical Comsat Produces Exotic Skyshow

ULA Atlas V rocket successfully launches MUOS-4 for the U.S. Navy on Sept. 2, 2015 from Cape Canaveral Air Force…

4 years ago

NASA’s MMS Satellite Constellation Blasts to Orbit to Study Explosive Magnetic Reconnection

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - NASA’s constellation of state-of-the-art magnetospheric science satellites successfully rocketed to orbit late Thursday night, March…

5 years ago