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Venus Returns to the Dusk Sky

Where have all the planets gone? The end of February 2018 sees the three naked eye outer planets – Mars,…

2 years ago

Building Electronics That Can Work on Venus

A team from NASA's Glenn Research Center recently demonstrated a new class of electronics, which would be capable of operating…

3 years ago

Venus Express Probe Reveals the Planet’s Mysterious Night Side

A new study by an international team of scientists takes a look at Venus' mysterious night side, which revealed some…

3 years ago

NASA Plans to Send CubeSat To Venus to Unlock Atmospheric Mystery

As part of its Planetary Science Deep Space SmallSat Studies program, NASA has selected a CubeSat mission to study Venus'…

3 years ago

Here’s a Plan to Send a Spacecraft to Venus, and Make Venus Pay for It

In the week's FISO Telecon Series, NASA engineer Michael Paul presented a novel concept for an in-situ miission to Venus.

3 years ago

Finite Light — Why We Always Look Back In Time

Light's finite speed make all gazing a ride in a time machine. Only a photon truly lives in the moment.

3 years ago

Watch Rotating Horns of Venus at Dawn

An old friend greeted us on our morning run yesterday, as we spied Venus in the dawn, 3 days after…

3 years ago

How Far is Venus From the Sun?

In addition to be the second closet planet to our Sun, Venus also has the most circular orbit - varying…

3 years ago

Earth’s Twisted Sister: How Will We Reveal Venus’ Secrets?

Venus doesn't attract as much attention as other worlds in our Solar System and beyond. But maybe it should.

3 years ago

Time To Build A Venus Rover

NASA has made progress developing electronics that can withstand Venus' extreme surface environment.

3 years ago