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Cassini Data Has Revealed a Towering Hexagonal Storm at Saturn’s Northern Pole

Data from the Cassini mission has revealed a massive hexagonal shaped storm high in the stratosphere of Saturn's north pole.

1 year ago

Planets on Parade: Saturn at Opposition 2018

We're in the midst of a parade of planets crossing the evening sky. Jupiter reached opposition on May 9th, and…

2 years ago

New Saturn Storm Emerging?

Astrophotographer Damian Peach raised the alarm on Twitter this past week, of a possible bright storm emerging of the planet Saturn.…

2 years ago

Tiangong 1 Falls, Blue Moon Rises and Mars Takes Aim At Saturn

Skywatchers have a busy weekend ahead. The Chinese space station is expected to burn up in the atmosphere, the Moon…

2 years ago

New Study Says Enceladus has had an Internal Ocean for Billions of Years

A new study by an international team of researchers has shown that Enceladus has been producing enough energy in its…

2 years ago

Forecast for Titan: Cold, with a Chance of Noxious Ice Clouds

One of the many interesting finds made by the Cassini orbiter before it crashed into Saturn was evidence of a…

2 years ago

Loss of Signal: Cassini Spacecraft Plunges Into Saturn

Until the very end, Cassini displayed just how robust and enduring this spacecraft has been throughout its entire 20 years…

2 years ago

Cassini: The Mission That Will Live Forever

"With Cassini, we had a rare opportunity and we seized it," said Linda Spilker, Cassini Mission Scientist. And on Friday,…

2 years ago

Cassini Conducts a Final Flyby of Titan Before Crashing into Saturn

Before it makes its final plunge into Saturn's atmosphere on Friday, the Cassini spacecraft made one last flyby of Titan,…

2 years ago

Summer Astronomy, Minimoon & Saturn Opposition 2017

There's one reason to stay up late this summer, as the planet Saturn reaches opposition this week on June 15th…

3 years ago