Pluto is What You Get When a Billion Comets Smash Together

A new study conducted by researchers from the Southwest Research Institute indicates that Pluto could have formed from a billion…

2 years ago

Pluto’s Charon Gets Mountains Named After Sci-Fi Authors Octavia Butler and Arthur C. Clarke, as Well as Many Others From History and Legend. I Approve!

The IAU just approved of a dozen names for features on Pluto's moon Charon, which include mountains named after Octavia…

2 years ago

New Study Provides Explanation for Pluto’s Giant Blades of Ice

A new study by members of the New Horizons team has provided an explanation for Pluto's mysteries "bladed terrain".

3 years ago

Hey Map Collectors, Here’s a New Map of Pluto!

Using data from the New Horizons spacecraft, the mission team has created some new maps of Pluto and its largest…

3 years ago

Two Years Ago Today: It Was a Clear Day on Pluto When New Horizons Flew By

It was two years ago this morning that we awoke to see the now iconic image of Pluto that the…

3 years ago

Did you Know There are X-rays Coming from Pluto? That’s Strange, What’s Causing it?

A new study by a team of astronomers has revealed that an unexpected amount of x-ray emissions coming from Pluto,…

3 years ago

An Astronomical Detective Tale and the Moon of 2007 OR10

It isn't every day we get a new moon added to the list of solar system satellites. The combined observational…

3 years ago

The Next Pluto Mission: An Orbiter and Lander?

For decades, we could only imagine what the view of Pluto‚Äôs surface might be. Now, we have the real thing.…

3 years ago

The Orbit of Pluto. How Long is a Year on Pluto?

Given its extreme distance from the Sun, Pluto has a very long orbital period. As such, a single year on…

3 years ago

Get Ready For The >100 Planet Solar System

If a new definition of planet is adopted by the International Astronomical Union, our Solar System could be home to…

4 years ago