Kuiper Belt

New Horizons Spies Pluto’s Neighbor Quaoar

Now more than a year after its historic flyby of Pluto, the New Horizons spacecraft continues to speed through the…

4 years ago

New Horizons Sends Back First Science On Distant Kuiper Belt Object

With Pluto in its rear-view mirror, New Horizons is heading towards its next target, and sending back valuable science on…

5 years ago

Mysterious Pull On Cassini Probe May Help Find Planet Nine

Small perturbations in the orbit of the Cassini probe provide further evidence for the existence of Planet Nine.

5 years ago

New Horizons Snaps Amazing 3-D View of Pluto’s Mysterious ‘Bladed’ Terrain

It’s time to whip out your 3-D glasses to enjoy and scrutinize the remarkable detail of spectacular terrain revealed in…

5 years ago

Kuiper Belt Objects Point The Way To Planet 9

A new study from the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory has indicated that the extreme eccentricity of distant KBOs could point…

5 years ago

New Horizons Takes Closest Image Ever of a Kuiper Belt Object

The New Horizons spacecraft is already 209,437,000 km (130,138,000 miles) past Pluto (as of Dec. 4, 2015), making it 5,226,950,000…

5 years ago

Who was Gerard Kuiper?

In the outer reaches of the Solar System, beyond the orbit of Neptune, lies a region permeated by celestial objects…

5 years ago

Awesome Blue Skies and Red Surface Ice Found at Pluto – The Other Red Planet

Much to the amazement and delight of scientists, the latest findings about Pluto reveal it possesses hazy blue skies and…

5 years ago

Adventures With Starblinker

Observational astronomy is a study in patience. Since the introduction of the telescope over four centuries ago, steely-eyed observers have…

5 years ago