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Soviet/Russian Space Missions

Our Guide to Space's official page on Soviet and Russian space missions

12 months ago

Are We Witnessing the Start of Solar Cycle 25?

What's up with the Sun? As we've said previous, what the Sun isn't doing is the big news of 2018…

2 years ago

Asteroids Smack Jupiter More Often Than Astronomers Thought

Are you keeping a eye on Jupiter? The King of the Planets, Jove presents a swirling upper atmosphere full of…

2 years ago

Antarctica has a Huge Mantle Plume Beneath it, Which Might Explain Why its Ice Sheet is so Unstable

A new study led by researchers from NASA JPL has provided compelling evidence for the existence of a mantle plume…

2 years ago

Dinosaur Killing Asteroid hit Earth in Exactly the Wrong Spot

A new study by a pair of Japanese researchers indicates that the asteroid that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs…

2 years ago

Tales of the King: Watch as the Moon Occults Regulus for North America This Weekend

Up early Sunday morning? Or perhaps, as we often do, you're “pulling an all-nighter,” out observing until the break of…

2 years ago

What is the Drake Equation?

In 1961, astronomer Frank Drake proposed his now-famous equation for calculating the likelihood of extra-terrestrial intelligence in the Universe.

3 years ago

Who Discovered Uranus?

Uranus was discovered by British astronomer Sir William Herschel on March 13th, 1781, though it had been observed several times…

3 years ago

By Jove: Jupiter at Opposition 2017

Been missing the evening planets? Currently, Saturn and Venus rule the dawn, and Mars is sinking into the dusk as…

3 years ago

Watch Rotating Horns of Venus at Dawn

An old friend greeted us on our morning run yesterday, as we spied Venus in the dawn, 3 days after…

3 years ago