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How Fast is the Universe Expanding? Hubble and Gaia Team Up to Conduct the Most Accurate Measurements to Date

A new study used data from both Hubble and Gaia in order to obtain the most precise measurements of cosmic…

1 year ago

Gaia Turns Up 13,928 White Dwarfs Nearby the Sun, Including Several Formed Through Mergers

Based on the 2nd Gaia Data Release, a team of astronomers were able to directly detect and compile information on…

2 years ago

One Bonus From the Gaia Data Release: the Rotation of the Large Magellanic Cloud

In addition to revealing the proper motion of over a billion stars in the Milky Way, the 2nd data release…

2 years ago

The Brightest Star in the Sky, Sirius, was Hiding a Cluster of Stars. Found by Gaia

Thanks to the efforts of an amateur astronomer, the star cluster that was recently revealed by Gaia mission is now…

2 years ago

Gaia Looks Beyond our Galaxy to Other Islands of Stars

The latest scientific finds made from the first release of Gaia data include illuminating images of the Milky Way galaxy's…

2 years ago

Newly Discovered Star Cluster Analyzed by Gaia Probe

A new study by a team of international astronomers studies the newly-discovery Gaia 1 star cluster, resulting in new estimates…

2 years ago

Chinese Astronomers Spot Two New Hypervelocity Stars

A team of Chinese astronomers has just discovered two new hypervelocity stars, a rare type of star that is still…

2 years ago

Gaia Finds Six Stars Zipping out of the Milky Way

The ESA's Gaia mission made a startling discovery recently, detecting six stars that appear to have been kicked out of…

2 years ago

Star-travel 5 Million Years Into The Milky Way’s Future

A new video based on ESA's Gaia Mission lets you gaze into the crystal ball and watch the Milky Way…

3 years ago

The Magellenic Clouds Stay Connected By A String Of Stars

A bridge of stars between the Magellanic Clouds helps unravel a mystery.

3 years ago