Will Solar Cycle 25 Dazzle or Fizzle in 2021?

A new study suggests that Solar Cycle 25 may be more powerful than previously predicted.

3 days ago

Astronomers can use Pulsars to Measure Tiny Changes of Acceleration Within the Milky Way, Scanning Internally for Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Dark matter within our galaxy is difficult to map, but a team of astronomers has used pulsars to measure its…

3 days ago

With its New Extension, Juno is Going to be Visiting Jupiter’s Moons

The Juno mission to Jupiter has been extended to September 2025 – or however long the spacecraft can keep operating…

4 days ago

A Robot Made of Ice Could Adapt and Repair Itself on Other Worlds

Some of the most tantalizing targets in space exploration are frozen ice worlds. Take Jupiter's moon Europa for instance. Its…

4 days ago

Astronomers see Swirling Weather on the Closest Brown Dwarf

Brown dwarfs are the weird not-planets but not-stars in the universe, and astronomers have wondered for decades if their atmospheres…

5 days ago

The Mystery of Sunquakes is Deep; One Million Meters Deep!

The Sun, as it turns out, is a pretty big deal. The thermonuclear behemoth at the center of the solar…

5 days ago

SpaceX’s Next Idea: to Catch Super Heavy Boosters With the Launch Tower

A new animation shows how SpaceX will "catch" the first stage boosters of their Starship, allowing for faster turnaround and…

5 days ago

This is the Fireworks Galaxy. It’s had ten Supernovae in the Last Century Alone

Say hello to NGC 6946, otherwise known as the Fireworks Galaxy. This little galaxy is the most prolific producer of…

5 days ago

There's no way to Measure the Speed of Light in a Single Direction

A new study shows that not even cosmology can verify Einstein's assumption about the speed of light.

6 days ago

SpaceX Releases a Recap Video of their SN8 Making its Hop Test!

SpaceX just released a recap video of their SN8 making its first-ever high-altitude hop test. Soon enough, the SN9 will…

7 days ago