Magnify the Universe

Copyright 2012. Magnifying the Universe by Number Sleuth.

Looking for a fun way to investigate the Universe? This interactive infographic from Number Sleuth accurately illustrates the scale of over 100 items in the observable Universe ranging from galaxies to insects, nebulae and stars to molecules and atoms. The feature includes some wonderful images, using real photographs and 3-D renderings. This allows you to fully witness the awesome and vastly different sizes of between the Pillars of Creation, Andromeda, and the Sun, to things like elephants and viruses here on Earth. If you look close enough, you’ll see that the Cat’s Eye Nebula is surprising similar to coated vesicles, showing that even though the nebula is more than 40,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times larger, many things are similar in our universe.

Take Magnify the Universe for a test drive.

How does it work?

Step 1:
To experience this interactive infographic in full screen (our recommendation) click the “Full Screen” button in the top right corner of the infographic.

Step 2:
Choose one of nine starting points by moving your mouse over and clicking one of the 9 images (atoms, animals, buildings, mountains, planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies and the observable universe).

Step 3:
Now on the bottom of the infographic, there is a blue blue dot that you can click on with your mouse.Drag the blue circle left to go “up” in size and drag the blue circle right to go “down” in size

Step 4:
To relocate to one of the nine entry points, click the corresponding yellow dot on the scroller at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to Killer Infographics, and Number Sleuth by Science is Beautiful for sharing their work with Universe Today.

10 Replies to “Magnify the Universe”

  1. Well there is at least one error in this. In the discription of VY Canis Majoris it says the star would reach Saturn, then they put an image of the solar system right next to it and it very clearly wouldn’t even reach Venus. A problem with the discription or scale? If it’s a problem with scale then it calls into question the accuracy of the whole thing.

    1. The star is right… seems they got the Solar System way off. It appears that this is because they missed off all the planets beyond Jupiter, and then expanded it to fill out 30,000,000,000,000m. Oops!

  2. Cool, but why did they put two images of Callisto, and called one of them Ganymede. 😛 It’s not like we don’t have images of Ganymede…
    “what were they thinking???..” (AVGN quote)

  3. I’m not as impressed with this “Scales of the Universe.”

    1) Definitely not all to scale – especially the glaring VY Canis Majoris next to the image of the Solar System.

    2)It also doesn’t go down very small – only to the size of a proton? Boring!

    I think this one is more entertaining AND it goes down to the Planck Scale and theorized strings:

    Also, Japanese Spider Crab??? Terrifying.

  4. The image they its the triangulum galaxy is actually the region NGC 604 in the triangulum galaxy

  5. Not sure about this guys sense geography either. “Israel” seems to include the entire West Bank, which is in fact Palestinian territory (albeit under occupation). Gaza is neatly cut out 🙂

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