Watch Live: Final Spacewalk of Space Shuttle Program

Live Video streaming by Ustream

The final spacewalk of the shuttle era is taking place today, beginning at 8:22 a.m. EDT (12:22 UTC). You can watch it live on the viewer above. This is the 160th spacewalk supporting assembly and maintenance of the space station and the 249th EVA conducted by U.S. astronauts. The two spacwalkers are actually from the ISS crew, Expedition 28’s Mike Fossum and Ron Garan, but are being assisted by the shuttle crew. Shuttle Pilot Doug Hurley and Mission Specialist Sandy Magnus will operate the station’s 58-foot-long robotic arm to maneuver the spacewalkers around during the spacewalk.

Fossum, EV-1, is the lead spacewalker and is wearing a suit with red stripes, while Garan, EV-2, wears an all-white spacesuit. Fossum’s helmet camera displays the number 20 and Garan’s the number 18.

The spacewalkers move a faulty ISS ammonia coolant pump from an external stowage platform and store it in Atlantis’ cargo bay for return to Earth. They also will install a robotic refueling demonstration kit and a materials science space exposure experiment.

Nancy Atkinson

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