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Astrophoto: Double Rosette Nebula


Think you are seeing double in this new image of the Rosette Nebula? This new astrophoto from César Cantú in Monterrey, Mexico shows two different views of this massive cloud of dust and gas, comparing two techniques of combining filters so that different features stand out. César used a Takahashi FSQ106 telescope and a FLI 8300 camera with 3 nanometer narrowband and RGB filters, using an exposure time of 8 hours and subexposures of 600 seconds each. He used PixInsight and Photoshop CS for processing.

The Rosette Nebula (NGC 2244) is part of a larger cluster, which lies at a distance of about 5,200 light years from Earth and in its entirety measures roughly 130 light years in diameter.

Thanks César for sharing your stunning image — flowers just in time for Valentine’s Day! See more at his website, Astronomía Y Astrofotografía.

Nancy Atkinson

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