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SETI Chile Interview

Working on the internet provides the opportunity to meet people from all around the world, and I’ve gotten acquainted with Lourdes Cahuich, an astronomy and science enthusiast and translator from Mexico and Tiare Rivera from Chile, who is the editor of the SETI Chile website. They regularly translate Universe Today articles (and articles and podcasts from many other English-language sites) and post them on their website in Spanish, making space and astronomy news more accessible to more of the world. They both are working on a series of interviews with people involved in space and astronomy outreach, and I am honored that Lourdes wanted to interview me! You can read the interview here in English, or if you prefer, here en Español. I reveal all about how and why I started writing, and how I ended up at Universe Today.

Above is the English version of SETI.CL’s promo video.

Nancy Atkinson

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