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A Deep Sky Celebration…

If you don’t know this face, then let me introduce you. His name is Ken Crawford and he’s the man “behind the curtain” of some of the most amazing works of astrophotography just this side of the Hubble Space Telescope. This northern California resident embarked on his celestial imaging journey almost a decade ago and his work graces everything from magazines to NASA’s “Astronomy Picture of the Day”. So what does the current President of the Advanced Imaging Conference, Inc. do when the skies are cloudy? Then step inside to find out…

This is a four minute journey through the Cosmos represents thousands of hours of image acquisition and processing. It is a compilation of Ken’s best astrophotography subjects since 2004 and gives tribute to all of us who love deep sky.

“What is amazing to me,” says Ken, “is that the ancient photons are so beautiful to our eyes, and when mixed with music, can be an inspiration to our soul.”

Kick back and enjoy the view. Not only does Ken share his wonderful visions through Imaging Deep Sky, but he also gives his time to the Cameron Park Rotary Community Observatory – as well as sharing his methods and work through presentations at schools, conferences and any gathering interested in what’s out yonder.

Tammy Plotner

Tammy was a professional astronomy author, President Emeritus of Warren Rupp Observatory and retired Astronomical League Executive Secretary. She’s received a vast number of astronomy achievement and observing awards, including the Great Lakes Astronomy Achievement Award, RG Wright Service Award and the first woman astronomer to achieve Comet Hunter's Gold Status. (Tammy passed away in early 2015... she will be missed)

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