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Weekly Space Hangout: April 29, 2020 – Alcohol in Space with Chris Carberry

Hosts: Fraser Cain ( / @fcain)

Dr. Brian Koberlein ( / @BrianKoberlein)

Dave Dickinson ( / @astroguyz)

Alex Teachey ( /@alexteachey)

This week we are pleased to welcome Chris Carberry to the Weekly Space Hangout. Chris is CEO and Co-Founder of Explore Mars, Inc, and helped to turn that organization into one of the most influential space nonprofits in the world. Previous to his role with Explore Mars, Chris served as Executive Director of The Mars Society as well the Archivist of Modern Political Collections and Operations Manager at the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Chris has been quoted in numerous national and international news stories, has published hundreds of opinion pieces, and has testified before both the United States Senate and House of Representatives.

Chris is the author of the recently published book, Alcohol in Space. You can learn more about the book by visiting

You can follow Chris on Twitter – his handle is @Carberry2033.

You can learn more about Explore Mars by visiting their website: and following them on Twitter as well: @ExploreMars


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Susie Murph

Susie Murph is the Communications Specialist at CosmoQuest. She also produces Astronomy Cast and the Weekly Space Hangout, and is the former producer of the Parsec Award-winning Guide to Space video series.

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