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Return to the Moon with Blue Origin’s Rockets and Lunar Lander Made Out of LEGO

Indulge your inner man-child (or woman-child) with these LEGO versions of the Blue Origin Blue Moon lunar lander, New Glenn rocket, and launch tower. This new design is currently gathering supporters on the LEGO Ideas website. If it gets enough supporters, LEGO will review it and possibly build it.

The kit is based around the Blue Origin effort to get to the Moon. It features their New Glenn reusable rocket, the launch tower, and the Blue Moon lunar lander. The kit also includes a large rover, four mini-rovers, and a satellite to deploy on the way.

The New Glenn Rocket, Launch Tower, Lander, and Rovers set. Image Credit: Roche/Nolan.

The complete kit, including the optional rocket stand, is over 2700 pieces, and includes over 50 decals. The New Glenn rocket is over 101 cm (40 inches) tall. The kit was created by Valerie Roche and Matthew Nolan, co-creators of the Saturn V set and the SpaceX Ultimate Collection and Starship-Super Heavy LEGO sets.

Lookin’ good! Image Credit: Roche/Nolan.

On the LEGO Ideas site, designers pitch their ideas for LEGO kits and try to gain supporters. If they get 10,000 supporters, then the LEGO company will review it and may decide to build it. Valerie and Matthew’s Saturn V set passed the threshold and is available to purchase.

“It’s rare to hit the magic 10k, but with the enormous public interest in space currently, every rocket project we’ve submitted to date has made it!”

Matthew Nolan, Designer.
The LEGO Blue Moon Lander. If the designers reach 10,000 supporters, LEGO will review it and may put it into production. Image Credit: Roche/Nolan.

The new Blue Origin set has 1700 supporters, and there’s lots of time to show your support. Valerie and Matthew’s Saturn V set was a huge hit, and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

The business end of the New Glenn Rocket with 7 BE-4 engines. Image Credit: Roche/Nolan.

The duo have a track record of successful LEGO designs. Matthew Nolan told Universe Today: “It’s rare to hit the magic 10k, but with the enormous public interest in space currently, every rocket project we’ve submitted to date has made it! The team at Blue Origin have gotten behind us, giving fantastic support and encouragement.”

Head on over to the pair’s LEGO Ideas page and sign up!

Evan Gough

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