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Incredible Timelapse: 7,000 Miles of Clear Skies

Wow! This video brought tears to my eyes because of its sheer beauty. Our friend and frequent astrophoto contributor César Cantu fulfilled a lifelong dream this past month of taking a trip through the southwestern of the United States, to “see and feel the shocking nature reflected in the Grand Canyon, in the Arches National Park and in the terrible atmosphere of Death Valley,” he told us via email.

Although César produced this video entirely on his own, the US Park Service and the states in the US Southwest couldn’t have a better promotional video! It is simply stunning, showing both the splendid landscapes during the day and the magnificent starscapes at night.

He drove from his native Mexico to the US Southwest, carrying several cameras to capture multiples landscapes, “to show different characteristics from the nature of our planet.”

“I drove just over 7,000 miles in 32 days and I visited all these extraordinary places,” César said. “I believe that nature, humanity and society, have found support and positive, creative, respectful and viable response from the National Park Service of the United States of America.”

Make sure you see the night sky footage starting at about :50 — it’s amazing! And the video César took while driving down a desert road is really fun to “ride along.”

The Milky Way over Saguaro National Park on June 17, 2014. Credit and copyright: César Cantu.

“I must say that the trip was so exciting, and I am already planning another for next summer!” he added.

We can’t wait to see more of his travel pics!

You can see more images from César’s “dream” trip at his website.

Thanks once again to César Cantu for sharing his work with Universe Today!

Nancy Atkinson

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