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Virtual Star Party – June 1, 2014: Paul brings his “A” game!

Host: Scott Lewis
Guests: Michael Phillips, Bill McLaughlin, Paul Stewart

Fraser’s out celebrating his dad’s birthday, so Scott’s helming tonight! (Happy Belated Birthday Mr. Cain!)

We’ve had a lot of cancellations and bad weather, so we’re going to make some changes to our schedule. We’re moving the VSP to once a month, and we’ll also add in astrophotos from observers, so that we won’t be as subject to the weather. We’ll also set up some special guests and events. Our goal is to never have to cancel again – so send us your astrophotos!

Tonight’s views and photos:
Saturn and 5 of its moons
International Space Station flyby (great catch!)
Night Sky from Fraser photo
Night Sky from Australia photo
Swan Nebula
Saturn with 6 moons photo
Black Eye Nebula
Timelapse sky views

We hold the Virtual Star Party every Sunday night, barring bad weather, as a live Google+ Hangout on Air. We begin the show when it gets dark on the West Coast. If you want to get a notification, make sure you circle the Virtual Star Party on Google+. You can watch on our YouTube channel or here on Universe Today.

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Susie Murph is the Communications Specialist at CosmoQuest. She also produces Astronomy Cast and the Weekly Space Hangout, and is the former producer of the Parsec Award-winning Guide to Space video series.

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