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The Story of Earth (in 2 Minutes and 20 Seconds)

How old is the Earth, how long did it take for life to appear, and how long would it take for your hair to grow to the Moon? Find out in this video from MinuteEarth (a new project by MinutePhysics’ Henry Reich):

(Because you always wanted to know how long it would take for your hair to grow to the Moon — admit it.)

And be sure to check out MinuteEarth’s newest video Why Are Leaves Green? Part 1 and Part 2.

Jason Major

A graphic designer in Rhode Island, Jason writes about space exploration on his blog Lights In The Dark, Discovery News, and, of course, here on Universe Today. Ad astra!

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  • It's a video series along the same lines as minute physics. Those questions will (presumably) be answered in later videos.

  • "Why are leaves green?” series: “We don't know.” (That surprised me.) “Some scientists speculate its serendipity that plants today [ not yesterday? ] are green.” No scientific research to back this up, but I think more than mere “serendipity" explains the World of Green. Who can look upon a green field under a Summer's sky, or forest stand in misty morning light, and fail to appreciate there is something special about the shade and hues of Green. In Earth-gallery diverse, Flora's many patterned designs of dress, are lovely every one. For all occasions, places and seasons of time, to aesthetically please the mind and heart of every soul, gloriously attired.

    No, its more than random seed of good fortune, out-growth of chance - or even “the luck of the Irish”, the Life-reflecting greens of this World ( crown with translucent emerald polar-rings ). No more “serendipitous” are its hues, than are the complimentary aquamarines of sea, or air of sapphire blues. On our Planet, all around, arrayed from Pole to Pole, on scales big and small, from sandy shoreline to alpine snowline, witness the harmonies of color-fusion. Marvelous, their endless medleys of blend, from any angled view, narrow of vista or broad in panorama, showcased through Earth's artful turn, from East to West, every day. Symphony orchestrations, annually playing the musical compositions of Life, in 4 movements of season.

    Any artist worth his/her skill, can see, from dawn illuminations to twilight shadows, the World's dynamic melds of color ( from Canyon motif to Coral-reef ): Illustrations diverse of color harmony. Masterfully woven, seamless tapestries – networked in variety of “warm” animated “notes”, complimenting hues, reflected tones, emitted shades, and gradient intensities, through World-turning inter-play of time's shadow and light.

    “A great painting [ work of art ] has variety and unity.”

    The splendid work of the old Art Masters, not from serendipity came, but intelligent creative design were carefully made. Compositions artful, worked from thoughtful perception and sensitive reflection. Through learned skill and concentrated effort, developed and born. Conceptualizations of mind, oft inspired by “Nature”, expressed visions brushed-out on canvases of time, framed to a subject theme, and presented in color scheme.

    The harmonization of separate elements into unified compositions; symphonies of color, orchestrated in spacial-planes of dimension, creating complex moments of temporal beauty. No, no accident of random Sun-beam, Life's floral hues of lustrous Green.

    (Clever draw of sketch to flow of narrative.)

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