X-51 Waverider

Weekly Space Hangout – May. 3, 2013

by Fraser Cain May 4, 2013

Another busy episode of the Weekly Space Hangout, with more than a dozen space stories covered by a collection of space journalists. This week’s panel included Alan Boyle, Dr. Nicole Gugliucci, Amy Shira Teitel, David Dickinson, Dr. Matthew Francis, and Jason Major. Hosted by Fraser Cain. We discussed: The most powerful gamma ray burst… ever […]

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X-51 Waverider ‘Scramjet’ Test Flight Fails

by Nancy Atkinson August 15, 2012

A highly anticipated test flight of the X-51A Waverider scramjet ended abruptly after the experimental aircraft suffered a control failure and broke apart during an attempt to fly at six times the speed of sound. The test flight took place off the coast of California and the X-51A was dropped from a B-52 bomber, but […]

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