Very Large Telescope (VLT)

Einstein Right Again! Rapidly Spinning Pulsar Follows General Relativity

by John Williams April 25, 2013

A unique and exotic laboratory about 6,800 light-years from Earth is helping Earth-based astronomers test Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity in ways not possible until now. And the observations exactly match predictions from general relativity, say scientists in a paper to be published in the April 26 issue of the journal Science. Using ESO’s […]

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A Primer on Cosmic Sprinklers

by John Williams November 12, 2012

The planetary nebula Fleming 1, as seen with ESO’s Very Large Telescope. Credit: ESO/H. Boffin The neat thing about planetary nebulae is that they are like snowflakes: no two are quite the same. Some look like pools of hot water, some look like glowing eyes in the night and others, like this image of Fleming […]

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Watch Live: A Day in the Life of the Very Large Telescope

by Nancy Atkinson October 1, 2012

Ever wonder what takes place on a daily basis at one of the premier ground-based observatories? The European Southern Observatory (ESO) is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and on October 5, 2012, they will host a free, live event on the web, “A Day in the Life of ESO.” There will be live observations from ESO’s […]

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Bright Stars Don’t Like to Be Alone

by Nancy Atkinson July 26, 2012

Caption: New research using data from European Southern Observatory telescopes, including the Very Large Telescope, has revealed that the hottest and brightest stars, known as O stars, are often found in close pairs. Credit: ESA, NASA, H. Sana (Amsterdam University), and S.E. de Mink (STScI) Like humans, stars seem to prefer the company of companions. […]

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Most Detailed Look Ever Into the Carina Nebula

by Nancy Atkinson February 8, 2012

Like finding buried treasure, this new image of the Carina Nebula has uncovered details not seen before. This vibrant image, from ESO’s Very Large Telescope shows not just the brilliant massive stars, but uncovers hundreds of thousands of much fainter stars that were previously hidden from view. Hundreds of individual images have been combined to […]

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