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Incredible Timelapse: 7,000 Miles of Clear Skies

by Nancy Atkinson June 23, 2014

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter Wow! This video brought tears to my eyes because of its sheer beauty. Our friend and frequent astrophoto contributor César Cantu fulfilled a lifelong dream this past month of taking a trip through the southwestern of the United States, to “see […]

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Jaw-Dropping Sunset Timelapse from Sweden

by Nancy Atkinson June 9, 2014

This is not your basic sunset timelapse! It combines a close-up view of the Sun with a solar telescope along with the landscape in the foreground. Astrophotographer Göran Strand from Sweden has been planning this photoshoot for a year, and it turned out spectacularly. “Yesterday I went out to shoot a sunset I’ve planed since […]

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Timelapse: Anticrepuscular Rays at Monument Valley

by Nancy Atkinson May 29, 2014

Astrophotograher César Cantú from Mexico is visiting Utah and captured an incredible timelapse of the view at sunset along with the formation of anti-crepuscular rays — a spectacular optical phenomena where light rays scattered by dust and haze appear on the horizon opposite to the setting Sun. The word crepuscular means “relating to twilight,” and […]

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Stunning Timelapse: Stargazing in the Canadian Rockies

by Nancy Atkinson December 19, 2013

One of our favorite photographers, Jack Fusco, recently visited Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada, one of the worlds largest dark sky preserves. He went there on behalf of Travel Alberta, during the annual Night Sky Festival. “I was lucky enough to have two clear nights to explore and shoot as many photos as possible […]

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Timelapse: Watch the MAVEN Spacecraft Being Built Before Your Eyes

by Nancy Atkinson September 11, 2013

Watch a year of incredibly detailed work in building the MAVEN spacecraft — sped up to take just 10 minutes. It’s the dance known as ATLO: Assembly, Test, and Launch Operations, set to a jazzy beat. The next spacecraft to Mars, the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN or MAVEN began ATLO procedures a year ago […]

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