Thierry Legault

SpaceX Dragon Captured on Film in Orbit Over Paris 25 Minutes After Launch

by Nancy Atkinson April 18, 2014

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter UPDATE: Thanks to several people on Twitter who pointed out that what is seen in the footage here is the the upper stage of the Falcon 9, the Dragon capsule, and the ejected solar panel covers moving along together in orbit […]

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Incredible Astrophoto: The Youngest Possible New Moon by Thierry Legault

by Nancy Atkinson July 8, 2013

It’s always striking to see a tiny sliver of the New Moon. But you’ve probably never seen a sliver this tiny or a Moon this “new” before. This brand new image by astrophotographer extraordinaire Thierry Legault was taken this morning and is the youngest possible lunar crescent, with the “age” of the Moon at this […]

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Amazing Shots! Shenzhou-10 Docked to Tiangong-1, Transiting the Sun

by Nancy Atkinson June 21, 2013

As soon as you see these images, you’ll probably guess who the photographer is … yes, Thierry Legault. He had less than half a second to capture these incredible shots of the Shenzhou-10 module docked to Tiangong-1 Chinese station transiting across the Sun, and it he did it not only once, but twice, on two […]

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Dancing Polar Auroras Captured by Thierry Legault

by Nancy Atkinson December 30, 2012

Aurora over Komagfjord, Norway (northern end of Scandinavia, 70°N). Credit and Copyright: Thierry Legault. Used by permission One of our favorite astrophotographers, Thierry Legault from France, took a trip to Finland and Norway so he could see and photograph the Northern Lights for the first time. Socked in with clouds in Finland, Thierry traveled to […]

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The Man Who Shoots Space: Interview with Thierry Legault

by Nancy Atkinson November 27, 2012

We’ve written many articles to share the incredible astrophotography of Thierry Legault, and have also interviewed him extensively about his work. If you’ve enjoyed his imagery and stories, you’ll appreciate this new video interview from VICE which shows Legault at work, and allows him to tell his story in his own words. Remove this ad […]

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