The Universe

Pale Blue Dot: an Animated Contemplation

by Jason Major December 5, 2012

Every now and then, someone takes Carl Sagan’s wonderful reading of his iconic “Pale Blue Dot” narrative and turns it into an animated presentation, usually combining images and video footage of space exploration and Earthly vistas to create something undeniably spellbinding (Sagan’s narratives do have a tendency to have that effect!) Artist Adam Winnik went […]

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Contest: Win “The Universe: Our Solar System” in Blu-ray

by Nancy Atkinson August 27, 2010

A new giveaway opportunity! This time it is the Blu-ray edition of The Universe: Our Solar System. The Blu-ray edition of the History Channel’s The Universe consists of 10 episodes from the first season, and uses cutting-edge computer-generated imagery to bring distant planets and faraway stars up close. We’ve long been fascinated with the sky […]

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Amazing: Scale of the Universe

by Nancy Atkinson January 29, 2010

Via the Bad Astronomer, check out this incredible interactive Flash animation from NewGrounds that provides a scale of the Universe, from the very small (0.0000000001 yoctometers) to as large as we know, the estimated size of the Universe. Click on the image, or here to access, and after it loads, use the slider at the […]

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The Known Universe (Video)

by Nancy Atkinson December 18, 2009

Take a 6 minute tour of the known universe in this video from the American Museum of Natural History. Start on Mt. Everest, and get pulled through the Earth’s atmosphere to glimpse the inky black of space. Then zoom through the solar system and the Milky Way to mysterious quasars and supernovae, all the way […]

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Parallel Universe

by Jean Tate November 11, 2009

To some extent, ‘parallel universe’ is self-referential … there are parallel meanings of the very term! The two most often found in science-based websites (like Universe Today) are multi-verse, or multiverse (the universe we can see is but one of many universes), and the many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics (most often associated with Hugh Everett). […]

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