Mount Krakatoa

by John Carl Villanueva September 18, 2009

Mount Krakatoa is a volcanic island found in Indonesia. Its most famous eruption in 1883 is one of the biggest in recorded history. You guessed it right; Krakatoa belongs to the Pacific Ring of Fire, the volatile horseshoe-shaped area bordering the Pacific Ocean. Better known as Krakatau in Indonesia, its eruption in 1883 produced a […]

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Composite Volcano

by Fraser Cain September 16, 2009

Geologists have identified 3 major types of volcanoes. There’s the shield volcano, formed from low viscosity lava that can flow long distances. There are cinder cone volcanoes, which are made by the eruption of lava, ash and rocks that build up around a volcanic vent. But the last type is the composite volcano, and these […]

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