Virtual Summer Camp Alert! Maker Camp Kicks Off Today

by Elizabeth Howell July 7, 2014

If you’re a high school student who’s really into space, Maker Camp bills itself as a great spot for you to get involved. Every summer, the organization runs a virtual summer camp for six weeks, encouraging people to build fun things such as glowing bikes and stroboscopes. The festivities kick off today with a field […]

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NASA Engineer Answers 4-Year-Old’s Questions With a Personal Video

by Jason Major March 10, 2014

Like many kids his age, 4-year-old Lucas Whiteley is fascinated about space and astronauts and has a lot of questions to ask. Unlike most kids, though, Lucas got his answers directly from a NASA engineer, with a custom-made video no less! Jason Major on Google+

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NSF Report Biased, Expert Says: Americans Don’t Think Astrology is Scientific

by Shannon Hall February 18, 2014

Every Thanksgiving when I was home from college, at least one family member would turn to me and ask me how that astrology degree was going, or tell me about a new astrology article they read. It wasn’t that my family members really thought I was studying astrology or even believed astrology was scientific, it […]

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Sequester Cancels NASA Outreach

by Jason Major March 22, 2013

  Well, it looks like it’s finally happened: the U.S. sequester — a “series of across-the-board cuts to government agencies totaling $1.2 trillion over 10 years” (CNN) — has finally hit NASA… right where it hurts, too: in public outreach and STEM programs. (UPDATE: some clarifications as to what this means — namely, that nothing’s actually […]

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Chaos and Education at 120,000 feet for Camilla the Rubber Chicken

by Nancy Atkinson May 1, 2012

In my travels, I’ve had the pleasure of regularly meeting up with Camilla the Rubber Chicken, the social media maven and mascot for NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. But lately I’ve been seeing here virtually everywhere — on television, splashed across all sorts of websites, and even in my local newspaper. What Camilla does is try […]

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